About Our Site


This site is dedicated to all who want to explore the field of meditation and meditative awareness.

The site features articles by many different authors. All contributors are long-standing meditators and disciples of Swami Shyam. It is thanks to Swami’s grace and ceaseless dedication to the unfoldment of higher awareness in each one of us that we are able to express from a place of deeper insight.

We invite the reader to participate through comments, questions, or their own contributions in the revelation of meditative awareness.

What is meditative awareness?

Meditative awareness is intelligence born in and of meditation.

In closing the eyes, one becomes aware of mind and the Knower of mind. Through awakening to the Knower of mind, one discovers that hidden within the human consciousness is the space of ever-present ease and awareness. We call this revealed sense of being meditative awareness. Classic yogic texts call it the fourth state of consciousness, turiya, or samaadhi.

Living, thinking, and acting from this revised sense of existence is the life of meditative awareness.

Self-realization or enlightenment is the ultimate perfection of meditative consciousness, where the sense of individuality is absorbed into the vision of Oneness.