Meditation Requires Courage – Six Forms of Daring in Meditation

Meditation is commonly known as a means to greater ease and clarity in life. On a more profound level, it can transform the individual vision into Divine Consciousness. As such, meditation requires courage. Rather than being an escape from the world, meditation is an act of supreme daring – daring to resist the constant evasion of unpleasant realities, to go beyond the boundaries of what one knows, and to face Truth as it reveals itself, not as we want or hope it to be.

1. Daring To Question Everything We Have Been Taught

From the very first inquiry into happiness, truth, and the means by which we achieve it, meditation requires curiosity, determination, and courage to perceive life and all its situations in new and unforeseen ways.

As human beings we are taught to live our lives according to what we know and what we have been trained into. Faced with the daily challenge of unfulfilled dreams and unclear boundaries between right and wrong, life is not what it seems. To begin to question the very means of success and the purpose of life itself, rather than the circumstances and people around us, is to awaken to the independent free thinker. It is awakening to the warrior within.

2. Daring To Explore New Approaches

Once the independent thinker is established in ourselves, it opens us to explore and listen to other approaches to life, undeterred by inherent skepticism and doubt. Daring to experiment and reflect is the mark of a true seeker.

3. Daring To Reflect Upon Our Own State Of Unease

Sitting down to close our eyes and meditate, we become acquainted with our own mind, our thinking and our modes of reacting. Feelings, interpretations, and previous experiences colour our perception and cover the direct experience of what is. Daring to simply sit and watch everything that the mind presents is not an easy task. It takes determination and awareness to override the impulse to simply act and react to what is perceived, and to acknowledge that “I am not the content of my mind, I am the independent free observer of it.” Only then can life be perceived as it is, not as we want or think it to be.

4. Daring To Let Meditation Reveal a Deeper Truth

Once the attention shifts from the humdrum of our active minds to the ever-present observer, an underlying space of ease and freedom from concern begins to reveal itself in meditation. As human beings, we are not born discontented, judgmental, and confused; our inherent nature is one of openness, contentment, and watchfulness. Meditation unveils our original state of being and reconnects us with this essential truth.

To fully fathom the consequences of this realization requires recognition of its significance. If our underlying nature is already content, and if it exists regardless of what goes on in our minds and the world around us, then perhaps happiness and clarity is not something to be sought and achieved, but something to be revealed within ourselves.

It is easy to blame outer circumstances for our own unease and to want the world to be a better place. It is much more demanding to dig an ever-present state of happiness and freedom from within. It takes awareness and courage to recognize and acknowledge this revelation.

5. Daring To Accept And Embrace Guru Awareness

Guru and the scriptures confirm and expand upon the essence of this insight. The enlightened do not judge or deny anyone, rather they meet and recognize each one as the same aware Consciousness, regardless of our personality, our background, and who we present ourselves to be. In their presence, we awaken to our own originality and become aware of an underlying Unity that resides in all mankind, unfettered by fear and distrust.

Attuning to Guru Awareness involves letting go of our identification with individual habituated interpretations of life. Daring to listen to, ponder over, and imbibe the words and essence of Guru Awareness takes time and rounds of questioning, sifting, and acknowledging what is truth and what is folly.

6. The Ultimate Test Of Daring To Dissolve Our Sense of Individuality

Meditation acquaints us with the fact that we are infinitely more than what we think and that our inherent nature is one of ease, freedom, and awareness. Guru Awareness expands our understanding as to how it can transform our consciousness. But, to fully acknowledge that we are not the mind – we are the Observer of our minds, our bodies, and the world at large and that nothing exists without the Observer is an altogether more daunting affair.

It is tempting for any seeker to step off here and to stick with meditation as means of temporary unwinding. Only the dedicated, determined seeker can muster the courage to go beyond the known boundaries of perception and allow meditative consciousness to shine and thus redefine our own sense of self and reality as we know it.

Truth is distorted when interpreted through personal perceptions, rather than the ever-free, unjudgemental Observer. To erode one’s own sense of individuality, so near and dear to human consciousness, and to merge with the ever-presence that we are in meditation – or Pure Consciousness – takes unfailing perseverance, dedication, grace, and Guru Awareness itself. To transform our sense of humanness into divinity is truly an act of God.

The result however, as related by the seers of Truth, is a vision of Unity Consciousness, where all forms and phenomena are known as one’s very own Self; no one or nothing appears other than our Self.

In Conclusion

To relegate meditation to a technique to reduce stress underestimates the true potency and power of meditation to transform human consciousness into something truly saintly and divine. Human beings have the potential to live a state of unfettered freedom, Oneness, and ever-present awareness.

Meditation in conjunction with contemplation and the guidance of Guru Awareness (whether in the form of scriptures, Guru, or egolessness as it is revealed in meditation) challenges our thinking, our sense of self, the world, and reality itself. To let the revelations born of meditation inspire, confront, and reshape our very sense of Truth requires awareness, faith, and supreme courage to embrace that which lies beyond ordinary human perception.



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