With Infinite Gratitude to Shyam as He Continues to Guide Us On

In these weeks of acknowledgment of the true formlessness of Shyam, as Swami Shyam and as our own formless Being, the extent of expression from all over the world is overwhelming, profound, and heart-warming. Swami Shyam travelled the continents and touched thousands of people from all walks of life and all age groups, enlightening each one of us of our infinite, true nature.

Now the words from near and afar reach the consciousness of Shyam, and of all those connected to Swamiji. From the local inhabitants and the devotees of Shyam from all over India, to the thousands of people throughout the world – all are sharing their moments of grace and of thankfulness to Shyam.

The stories that we hear relay how much Swamiji enlightened each one of us to the glory of Shyam, of Truth – of who we really are. Swamiji touched us because he revealed himself as nothing but our own Being. No formalities, no barriers of race, language, age, or status stood between us and him. He listened to every single being who came to him and graced each one according to his or her capacity. Shyam left no stone unturned, for not only did he shower his grace and love, he dared to tread into territories where no others could take us: to the dark recesses of our protective mechanisms, through the confusion of our own interpretations, to the underlying grandness of our Being. This is what made his presence more dear and near than any human being we had ever met before – he knew us better than we knew ourselves and could describe to us what we instinctively knew, but could never put in words. He awakened us to our Selves.

Now, what has come as an unbelievable surprise and blessing of his work is the extent to which he prepared us to open to his vision. As we awake every morning it is as if Shyam is there, ever-present in all his sweetness and power, driving us forth to continue the recognition of Awareness that he initiated.

 Over the past many months, Swami kept repeating how senses and mind deceive us of the truth of existence, so that all we perceive is in fact a deception. He furthermore emphasized that on the level of formed existence, there is no real resolution. All attempts to alleviate and to solve the challenges of daily living remain within a field of ever-changing patch-up solutions. But the solution does exist. In November 2016 this note came up on the board, which Swami had reprinted and reposted in numerous colours to daily remind us of Truth. The note said:  


Swami kept expressing how the world as we see it is a deception. That which is truth is deception free, as written on Swami’s favorite scripture, Yog Vashisht.

Swami created the Shyam Brahm Jyoti Cave (both the new meditation hall and the cave of our own heart and meditation) as a resource wherein we could reside directly in the heart of Shyam. Sitting and meditating in the cave of our heart, the centre of existence, we are enlightened of Shyam, our own Truth. Here our individual wandering resolves and finds its own home. Now the ‘job’ is to remain in the space of freedom alone.*

On the night of February 15th, 2017, a Gita verse hanging on Kumud’s wall fell into her lap. It came as a message directly from Shyam:

Arjun, this wisdom is more secret than any secrecy. In my awareness you are the most deserving, and that is why I have imparted it to you. Having listened to Me and having imbibed it fully, do as our Oneness wishes, because that Oneness is the highest, and it belongs to you now.

Swami Shyam (2001), Bhagavad Gita, ch.18, v.63.

* Note: Swami’s parting gift is a one-page, hardcover book entitled Cave, where his message of 45 years is reduced to a single page describing the Truth. For more information please see www.swamishyam.com




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