Shyam Shyam Shyam Amaram Shyam

Shyam Shyam Shyam Amaram Shyam Madhuram Shyam

With infinite thanks and gratitude to Shyam Aakaash, One Ever-Presence Alone.

Photos by: Shaarda



Meditator, yoga and founder of illumayog and Meditative Awareness Blog. Shuchita offers online courses in meditation as well as Illuma-Yoga and meditation workshops.

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5 Responses


    gurusaaksaat param brahma tasmai srii gurave namah



  2. Shuchita Shuchita says:

    Shyam dipped us in Shyam Aakaash and we are forever coloured by Shyam alone. Every fiber of our being is nothing but Shyam.

  3. Bob tansen says:

    jaba taka ta may aham rangamay anagina prashna ubaharay mayaney shyam rainbow song saludos from Mexico satnam shivam sunderam

    • Shuchita Shuchita says:

      Thanks Bob for your beautiful recollection of one of Shyam’s song. Swami knew Self and knew the devotees heart. For those who may not know hindi, this line expresses: As long as I was coloured by my ego, I created innumerable questions, dear Shyam. And Swamiji certainly addressed every questioner by revealing to each one us who we really are. This was Shyam’s immeasurable grace, he brought us home to our very own Self. Shyam, Shyam, thank you Shyam.

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