Know Your Inner Being

Know Your Inner Being

A child is born without worry. But as a child grows into an adult, worry and insecurities take up residence in the mind, like unwanted tenants.

From all sides, life demands something of us. Our work, family, friends and society demand that we be capable and resourceful, even to the extent that we should share our resourcefulness with them. Having become resourceful, have we been able to remove worry? Rather, it can seem that pressures from work, family and society have added to our worries, because no matter how capable we become, how successful we may appear, how many resources we accumulate, there is one deep resource that remains unrecognized and so we remain bereft of peace. We are missing the knowledge of our inner being.

We have acquired much knowledge of our outer being. Scientists have discovered much about our relative world. Doctors have discovered much about our body being. Psychology has discovered much about our personality being. Society has shaped guidelines for our social being. But we are lacking knowledge of our inner being.

How to know our inner being? Close your eyes…. You do not see the forms and yet you are not asleep. So knowing exists. You are breathing in and out. For a moment between the in-breath and out-breath breath does not move, and yet you are not dead. Who sees behind your closed eyes? Who gives power to your breath, and who remains when breath is still? Without the need for words and their definitions, we innately know the answer to these questions because we simply are THAT which remains. But we have not fully claimed that underlying, unchanging I as our true inner Being.

With closed eyes, I can recognize that thoughts come and go, and yet I remain. When mind is absorbed in deep sleep, I remain. When mind dreams, I remain. When the mind merges with the senses, and experiences the world of changing phenomena, I remain unchanging.

One may walk, talk, listen, cook, travel, come and go, think, feel and experience, yet I remain always present, unchanged and fully permeating all that is known and experienced. Water can become ice, but an iceberg cannot change water. In the same way, by birth we were made and forgot our inner being. Being made, the iceberg of worries, insecurities, burdens, responsibilities, hopes and disappointments obscured our inner reservoir of peace.

Feeling unfulfilled, we journeyed always onwards, with unrelenting disquietude, until we were directed, with closed eyes, to that clear pool of knowing awareness, which reminds us that the innermost heart of knowing is our true nature, forever worry-free, unshaken by any insecurity, untouched by hopes and disappointments. Fortified by our inner strength, we gracefully manage the demands of family, work and society.

Thus the deep knowledge is revived, and reveals that my true I gave power to the body and mind to be made, but I was never made. I is life, without beginning or end. Life cannot be diminished due to the appearance of a thought, a body, a dream or an experience. Neither is life extinguished due to the disappearance of thought, body, dream or experience. Life does not belong to me or to you. Life is the I of every being, the innermost being of ALL.

Rebecca Williams

Rebecca Williams

Pranayami and Founder of Rebecca offers online courses and retreats in the Himalaya and specializes in unfoldment of praanic awareness.

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    Great, love the last paragraph!

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    Wow really nice and very well written

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