You Will Never Die

you will never die

One of the first times I heard Swamiji speak, he said to me,

You will never die. You can try now if you want, but I tell you, you will never succeed.”

At that moment, he planted the seed of immortality in my mind.

 I always thought of myself as a girl with name and form; someone who is born, who lives a great life, and who in the end, after one hundred Years, will die. I never imagined that I am Pure or Free.

During the years, Swamiji has unfolded in me, with great love and patience, the idea that I am the infinite Being who is immortal, blissful, who never changes, and never is troubled. He simply told me, “Close your eyes. Whatever you see, that is you. No weapon can cut it, no wind can dry it, and no water can wet it. Just know, Space you are.”

I started practicing meditation. I closed my eyes, and I could truly see what he meant. At one point the field of the waking state dissolved and I entered a new dimension. I was not my thought, I was pure, without qualifications, just pure. It lasted quite some time. When I opened my eyes the whole world looked different. Everything was shining with the light of Shyam. The forms that I perceived were made out of light. I was not a separate human being, because the whole creation was in my vision. I was united with Shyam.

I would like to thank my dearest Guruji for opening my eyes to the most precious knowledge of “I am I.”



Meditator and lover of the Space, pursuing the state of Blessedness and Nirvan.

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  1. Deep Priya says:

    Such a beautiful testimony to Pure Knowledge.

  2. Sundaram says:

    Beautiful expression!

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